Aromatherapy and meditation to support the therapist

          ‘Burn out’ are quite frequent in a service-based industry. Practitioners can get trapped in giving a lot to others and forgetting about themselves. It is important as a therapist to learn how to receive and how to centre ourselves before we start a session. Meditation and aromatherapy can help us achieve that.

        Science is now proving that meditation has a real impact on our brain. It decreases anxiety, reduces stress, increases our connection to self and others and improves our sensatory awareness. With meditation, therapists can be more present with their client and with what they feel underneath their hands. Furthermore, they can be more present with themselves and make sure that they are looking after themselves before, during and after the session. Whether it is doing self-care exercises before the session, adjusting their posture during the session or just drinking a big glass of water just after. We can often get lost in the ‘what to do’ to make us feel better that we often forget to listen to one’s self. Meditation can help us do that. We don’t need to spend an hour each day to meditate, sometimes just a few deep breaths before each treatment helps to reconnect and listen to what our body needs. There are a lot of different techniques of meditation out there. We just need to find the one that suits us. It doesn’t take long to feel the benefits of meditation and our clients will feel the difference too.

            The effect of smell alone has a powerful influence on the central nervous system. Fragrance researchers are discovering that odours can and do influence mood, evoke emotions and counteract stress. And we also know that each essential oil have individual properties that can help us center ourselves, calm the mind or bring joy.  The question we need to ask our selves before we start a session is: ‘how do I want to feel today?’ Having that in mind we can find an essential oil that will help us bring in that mood. For example frankincense deepens and slows the rate of respiration and helps bring about a calm and meditative state. Mandarin breathes a message of happiness. Rose stimulates creativity and allows love to be given and received. Sandalwood is balancing, calming and grounding.  Just a few drops of essential oil in a diffuser can transform the atmosphere of your treatment room and help your client relax. Furthermore it can help you to be in the mood to give a session and listen to yourself.