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Sometimes all we need is a little extra information and someone to guide us through the wisdom of our bodies.



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The Pelvic Floor workshop

This is my most popular workshop !

There is definitely a need to talk about the pelvic floor and this short course fills the gap nicely.

Always wanted to know what’s happening ‘down there’ but never dared to ask?

In this course you will learn:

  • a simple pelvic floor exercice which will help you prevent prolapses, pelvic pain and other dysfunctions
  • how your everyday movements and habits can affect your pelvic floor health
  • why you do not want to have a pelvic floor that is ‘too tight’
  • how to move safely and reduce the negative impact sports can have on your pelvic floor
  • how and when you should go to the toilet!!! (Yes some toileting habits can be harmful to your pelvic floor!)

It is ok to take this workshop if you are pregnant.

This workshop is practical with some theory (not too much I promise!) some movements and a meditation.

Explore the movements, feel the stillness and discover how this amazing part of your body relates with the rest of your anatomy.

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