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A wise hand popular anatomy workshops


Here is a list of my most popular workshops held once or twice a year in different yoga studios.

If you would like me to teach one of these workshops at your studio you can get in touch via  email or phone 0420 422 903

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Anatomy for yogis workshop

Always wondered what your yoga teachers meant when they talked about ‘lengthen your hamstrings’, ‘stretch your piriformis’, ‘engage your core muscles’… ?

Have you had issues practicing yoga due to a previous injury?

Or are you just interested in learning more about your body?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then this workshop is for you!

During the workshop Marie will take you through the main muscles used in yoga and how to activate or stretch them. This will help you to deepen your practice following your body and will help prevent injury.

Marie has this innate ability to make anatomy learning interesting and fun. This workshop is a great mix between theory and practice. You will leave feeling more knowledgeable and confident about your body.

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Stretch vs Release

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The Pelvic Floor workshop

This very popular workshop always attracts a crowd! There is definitely a need to talk about the pelvic floor and this 2hr course fills the gap nicely.

Here is a little description:

Always wanted to know what’s happening ‘down there’ but never dared to ask?

Join anatomy and yoga teacher Marie in this yoga practice dedicated on your pelvic floor, hips and mula bhanda.

Explore the movements, feel the stillness and discover how this amazing part of your body relates with the rest of your anatomy.

This workshop is devoted to all those runners, yogis and active bodies who feel tight in their hips or are just curious about this area of their body. It is also for all the mums and mums to be or anybody wishing to be more connected with their hips, pelvic floor and root chakra.

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Anatomy for yoga teachers and yoga teacher training

Are you looking for a musculoskeletal anatomy expert for the yoga teachers in your studio or for your next yoga teacher training?

Marie can design anatomy workshops suited to your needs. She has taught musculoskeletal anatomy extensively for the last 6 years for massage students and since 2015 she started developing anatomy workshops for yoga teachers and yoga teachers in training. The workshop can be followed by a visit to the anatomy lab at the University of Newcastle.

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‘Shout out to Marie Gab,
I want to say a huge THANK YOU for organising that wet lab visit at UON last week.
I came home, got my Lesley Kaminov book out and now have a new clarity on anatomy. Yes, we see it in books, in the class room, but to actually see and feel major muscles, like the hamstring, the psoas, the sciatic nerve etc was Amazing.
I encourage all Yoga teachers to accept Marie’s kind invite if another opportunity comes up. Yes I was worried it would be gory, but it was fascinating, a real privilege.
Thanks again Marie xx’

Francesca Davy, Yoga Teacher, Newcastle


‘100% agree it was such an awesome experience – can’t wait to be able to do it again – so much knowledge – so grateful’

Sarah Truman, Yoga Teacher, Newcastle