Why did I choose to teach Yoga?


Combining regular treatments with regular movement with awareness is the true key to change patterns of pain, improve posture, learn to push your limits safely, improve performance or just to feel better in your body.

Over my years of practice as a Remedial Massage Therapist, Ortho-Bionomist in training and massage trainer I realised that we could only achieve so much during a treatment. If we really wanted change to happen, movement was also needed.

People come to me for various reasons but pain and tightness in their bodies is often the main reason. Massage and/or Ortho-Bionomy can help on the spot but if we don’t look at how the body moves, we can only help the body temporarily before the patterns of pain eventually come back. During my Ortho-Bionomy studies I became strongly interested in the self-care exercise this modality offers and I started to integrate some of these exercises in my daily routine and regular yoga practice. The results of this new discovery were fascinating. My body began to move with more ease, I was recovering much faster from the strenuous exercises I was practicing at the time and the aches and pains that I was feeling in the past started to disappear. Furthermore, I found that my body was releasing faster during the Ortho-Bionomy sessions I was receiving and the effects of the treatments lasted much longer.

With this in mind I started teaching my clients some self-care exercises relevant to them and I found the results were also quite amazing. Not only did my clients who practiced them feel better in their bodies, patterns of pain and tightness were reduced if not gone but most importantly they became much more aware of their bodies.

I then decided to take this concept a step further and became a yoga teacher so I could teach people to feel their bodies from the inside out and how incorporate Ortho-Bionomy self-care exercises in their yoga practice and daily routine. When we move with awareness, we retrain our brain to move more efficiently. Our yoga practice then becomes more personalised and we can find out for ourselves when it is ok to push our limits and when we need to back off. Tightness and pain can then be eliminated and we can prevent them from coming back. It also helps us to avoid injuries. This practice can be truly empowering and transformative. Along with regular treatments it can brings long lasting results.