Online sessions

What to expect?

We book a time here or send me an email

You can pay via my website in euros or do a bank transfer in my Australian bank account in Australian Dollars.

At the time of our appointment I call you via FaceTime, What’s app, messenger or Skype.


And then we let the magic happen!


Ortho-Bionomy online is as effective as in person.


Most people feel noticeable improvements from their first session.


Why should you choose Ortho-Bionomy online?

Have you got a condition or pain in your body and you’ve tried many modalities but nothing worked?

I have a lot of clients who have had little results with other practitioners but get out of pain with me.


Because with Ortho-Bionomy I see the body as a whole. Your neck pain is not just about your neck. It might be because of an accident you had 10 years ago, or a thought pattern you may carry… During the session we slowly use your body self-corrective reflexes to find out the most effective way to free yourself from pain and stress.

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What others say:

‘Thank you for the wonderful healing yesterday it has made a big difference, you’re amazing’ R. Newcastle, Australia

‘Thank you Marie, I am now taking a walk and I am finding myself really relaxed and I am feeling all the benefits of our session. It’s wonderful thank you very much.’ L. Samoëns, France

‘I was seeing Marie regularly for Ortho-Bionomy sessions at a very difficult time in my life. Her gentle and fluid practice was a real pleasure to experience and it allowed me to regain movements that I once lost. Marie is a really good listener and intuitively feels for what is necessary at the time. Between her hands we feel like a precious jewel and it’s a very nice feeling!!! I highly recommend Marie’s treatments.’ C. Samoëns, France



The ultimate package:

5 sessions (1hr) plus self-care exercise videos and meditations designed for you

350€ or $580 (Australia Dollar)

We book a time every week for 5 weeks and we work towards finding the roots of your pain or health issues and find solutions on how to go beyond it.

1 session:

60€ or $100 (Australian dollars) 1hr


I can help you if you are suffering from any type of pain – joint pain, muscle pain, emotional pain… if you are recovering from an injury, want to move through trauma, dealing with stress, being diagnosed with an auto-immune condition…

I can’t help you if you are looking for a quick fix and an external solution. Most people feel instant relief from the first session however to get long lasting results you will need to be part of the solution. There are many ways you can do that and we can find what ways are best for you.